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Sheboygan City Railway

Sheboygan Light Power & Railway Co.

Sheboygan Railway & Electric Co.

Wisconsin Electric Ry.

Eastern Wisconsin Electric Co.

Wisconsin Power & Light Co.

The Sheboygan City Ry began horse car service in 1886. In 1894, the line was purchased by the local power utility and the SLP&Ry was formed. Electrification of city service began on November 27, 1895.

Interurban service opened from Sheboygan to Kohler and to Sheboygan Falls on November 30, 1899. The line was then extended to Plymouth in 1904. Here it connected with a line to Elkhart Lake. This line was built by the Milwaukee & Fox River Valley Electric Ry. It was a subsidiary of the Milwaukee Electric and was part of a plan to build from Milwaukee to Appleton. It was acquired in 1913, three years after the SLP&R had become SR&E.

The Fond du Lac-Neenah Division began 1894 as the Central Wisconsin Electric Ry. They electrified the Oshkosh horsecars system and became Citizen's Traction Co. of Oshkosh. The property was reorganized as Winnebago Traction shortly afterwards and built a line north to Neenah. In 1899 the Fond du Lac Street Ry & Light Co completed a street railway system in Fond du Lac and built a line to Oshkosh as the Fond du Lac & Oshkosh Electric Ry. It was begun in 1902 and opened on January 28, 1903. In Oshkosh, Winnebago Traction built a line west to Omro in 1902 which was planned to reach Berlin. In 1903, the Fond du Lac lines were merged as Eastern Wisconsin Ry. & Light Co. In 1908, EWR&L purchased the Oshkosh property as Wisconsin Electric Ry.

In 1916, the Sheboygan and Fond du Lac-Neenah properties were purchased by Kelsey-Brewer and merged as Eastern Wisconsin Electric Co. The company changed its name in 1924 to Wisconsin Power & Light.

The Omro line was abandoned in 1925. The Fond du Lac-Neenah line was abandoned on July 31, 1927. Plymouth-Elkhart Lake was also abandoned in 1927 except for gravel trains to and from Crystal. Sheboygan to Plymouth was abandoned on December 11, 1938. Electric switching at the Edgewater Power Plant continued until 1941.

Sheboygan 6 was one of the original horse cars.

Sheboygan 20 was built by American Car Co in 1904, Order #538. It was enclosed in 1916.

Sheboygan 21 was built by American Car Co in 1904, Order #538. It was enclosed in 1916.

Sheboygan 23 was built by Pullman Car Co in 1897, as Milwaukee Racine & Kenosha Ry 15 "Wisconsin".  It became Milwaukee Electric Ry & Light Co 15 in 1899 and sold as SRLP 23 on March 27, 1900.  It was rebuilt in 1920 as a freight car.

Sheboygan 25 thru 27 were built by Cincinnati Car in 1908, #835,  for the SR&E 25 and 27 were rebuilt as express motors, while 26 was converted to one man operation. It later was used as a lake cabin for many years and was given full restoration to its original condition. You can find out more at the home page of the East Troy RR who graciously permitted our inclusion of Russ Porter's painting.

Sheboygan 28 thru 30 were built by Cincinnati in 1910. 28 was rebuilt as a line car in 1930.

Sheboygan 31 and 32 were built by Cincinnati in 1914 as center door interurbans. In 1929, they were rebuilt as freight motors. 31 later was used as a line car.

Oshkosh 30 and 34 were built by St. Louis Car in 1903.

Sheboygan 51 thru 56 were built by Cincinnati in 1902. 56 was converted to a salt car in 1924 and was scrapped in 1938.

Oshkosh 50, 52, 54, and 56 were built by American Car in 1907. When they were scrapped in 1926 they were the last open cars in Wisconsin.

Oshkosh 51 and 53 were built by St Louis Car Co in 1902.

Oshkosh 55, 57, and 59 were built by Cincinnati Car in 1907.

Sheboygan 60 and 61 were built by St. Louis in 1915. They were retired in 1935 and scrapped in 1938.

Oshkosh 80 was built by Cincinnati Car Co in June 1919, #2395.  It was retired in 1930.

Oshkosh 101 thru 104 were built by St. Louis Car in 1902 for Fond du Lac & Oshkosh Electric Ry.

Sheboygan 101 was built by American Car in November 1904, Order #563, as "A". It was rebuilt and renumbered 101 in 1910.

103 and 104 were built by McGuire-Cummings in 1916.

108 was built by Wisconsin Electric Ry. in Oshkosh in 1912.

109 was built in Oshkosh in 1915 as a center cab flat motor like 108. It later was given hopper boxes on both ends, and then later was rebuilt as a locomotive.

114 was built by Differential Steel Car in 1919.

115 was built by McGuire-Cummings in 1923 as an express motor. It was demotorized and used for several years at Edgewater.

150 thru 154 were built by St. Louis Car in 1924 to modernize the Fond du Lac-Neenah service. When that line was abandoned, these cars were the only ones saved and transferred to Sheboygan. 151 was destroyed in a grade crossing accident on June 17, 1934. The rest remained until the end of service.

171 thru 174 were built by St. Louis Car in 1924, #1321.

1000 was built by Baldwin-Westinghouse in January 1929, #60702, as WP&L 1000. It was sold to Bamberger RR as 551 in 1941 and scrapped in 1952.

2000 was built by Haffner-Thrall in 1926. The trolley poles provided for lighting and the coffee pot.

The shops and yard at Sheboygan were compact and always had a variety of equipment.

Prior to construction of the off-street station used in conjunction with the Milwaukee Northern, interurbans took their lay-over in the middle of 8th Street.

Sheboygan Falls was served by a short branch off of the main line.

The final extension was to Elkhart Lake.

The Fond du Lac-Oshkosh line was typical of small interurban railways.

After 1941, the Edgewater Power Plant was switched by internal combustion locomotives.

No number, was built by Whitcomb.

"3", 30 Ton, was built by Plymouth in 1952, #5622.  It is now owned by Mid-Continent Railway Museum and numbered 3.  It is used by World Circus Museum.

No number, 45 Ton, was built by General Electric in April 1941, #13009, as General Electric Corp 7.  It was sold as WP&L no number and later became Alliant Energy no number.


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