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13 was built by Pressed Steel Co in 1976 as Algoma Central RR 9606. It became WCL 13.

16 was built at Angus Shop in 1981 as Canadian Pacific 434682.  It was sold as AC 9607 in 1992 and became WCL 16 in 1996.

17 was built at Angus Shop in 1981 as CP 434668.  It was sold as AC 9608 in 1992 and became WCL 17 in 1997.

800197 "Prairie Rose" was built at West Milwaukee as Chicago Milwaukee St Paul & Pacific 162, club lounge.  It was rebuilt as "Montana" in 1955 and sold to a private owner as 800197 "Mount Rainier" in 1978.  It was sold as WCL 800197 "Prairie Rose" and later sold to another private owner which has restored as 800197 "Montana".



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