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Don's Rail Photos

Rail Trusts Equipment Inc.

410, SW8, was built by Electro-Motive in December 1953, #19071, FN 4250-1, as Aliquippa & Southern Ry 800.  It was transferred as Cuyahoga Valley RR 800 and sold as International Steel Group 800.  It was renumbered 298 and sold to Doug Fink.  It was sold to Rail Trust Equipment as RTEX 410 and sold to Dominion Foundries & Steel Co as Dofasco 410 in January 2004.  It became Arcelor Mittel Dofasco 410 in November 2007 and rebuilt as 1GS7B, by National Railway Equipment in May 2014, #202-410.

1402, SW1, was built by Electro-Motive in July 1953, #18189, FN 4214-4, as Boston & Maine 1122, Class DS-2c.  It became Springfield Terminal RR 1402 and sold as RETX 1402.  It was sold as Independent Locomotive Service 1378.

2036, GP38, was built by Electro-Motive in December 1967, #33726, FN 7060-96, as Chesapeake & Ohio 3895, Class GP-38.  It was later 2095 in 1986 and became CSX Transportation 2095, Class GP-38, in 1987.  It was sold as Conrail 7600, Class GP-38, and became CSX 1943, Class GP-38, in 1999.  It was sold to Locomotive Leasing Partners as LLPX 2036 and sold to Rail Trusts Equipment Inc as RTEX 2036 in 2008.

4005, GP9u, was built by General Motors in March 1959, #A1652, FN C257-25, as Canadian National 4295, Class GR-17u.  It was  rebuilt  in May 1984 as 4103, Class GR-418d, and retired on June 1, 2000.  It was sold to Cando Rail Service and sent as Athabaska Northern Ry 4005 in June 2001.  It was sold as RTEX 4005 in 2008

8153, SW1200RS, was built by General Motors in August 1960, #A1899, FN C275-7, as Canadian Pacific 8153, Class DRS-12c.  It was sold as RTEX 8153.


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