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1, 45 Ton, was built by Whitcomb in September 1945, #60651, as United States Navy 65-00153.  It was sold as Tillamook County Naval Airport Commission 2 and then Port of Tillamook Bay RR 2 in 1953.  It was then sold to Oregon Washington Plywood Corp no number and then sold as Evans Railcar EP-10.  It was then renumbered as Itel Railcar EP-10 and finally as Gunderson 1.

1244, SSB1200, was built by Electro-Motive in January 1951, #13827, FN 6214-A1, as Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe 22419L, Class 2418, TR4A.  It was renumbered 1418A, Class 1418, in 1974 and retired in April 1979.  It was rebuilt as 1244, Class 1214, SSB1200, in 1979 and retired in 1985.  It was sold as Cooperative Farm Chemical Assn 1244 on May 1, 1985, and retired on June 16, 1989.  It was sold to Greenbrier Management Services LLC as FLIX 1244 and sold to S&I Locomotive Services as SILX 1245.

5060, NW2, was built by Electro-Motive in September 1949, #10381, FN 6023-1, as Chesapeake & Ohio 5060, Class SE-10.  It was reclassified Class NW-2 in 1964 and sold as GBRX 5060.  It was sold to Industrial Maintenance Service and rebuilt as Elgin Joliet & Eastern 455 in November 1975 using a hood from EJ&E 919.  It was transferred as Duluth Missabe & Iron Range 11 in May 1998.  It was retired in May 2006 and sold as Hallett Dock 11.

LM-1 "Orange Blossom Special", 45 Ton. was built by General Electric in December 1950, #30788, as Ethyl Corp no number.  It was sold to R J Reynolds Tobacco Co no number (Brook Cove NC) and moved to Mocksville, NC.  It was sold to Motive Power & Equipment Co and rebuilt it in December 2006.  It was sold as Gunderson Rail Services (Cleburne TX) LM-1 "Orange Blossom Special" in June 2006.  It was taken over by Greenbrier Companies and became GBW Railcar Services in 2014.

No number, 45 Ton was built by General Electric in April 1952, #31301, as Omaha Public Power District 2.  It was sold as Georgia-Pacific Corp no number and sold as Gunderson no number.


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