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Burlington Northern Railroad

Electro-Motive SD38P Diesels


6264, Class SD38P, was built in December 1965, #30902, #FN 7838-35, as Southern Ry 3060, SD35.  It was retired in June 1986 and sold to Gibbs Railway Equipment in December 1987.  It was sold as VMV Enterprises 2600 and rebuilt by VMV in November 1992 as BN 6264, Class SD38P.  It became Burlington Northern Santa Fe 6264, Class SD38P, and renumbered 1804 in 2007.  It was renumbered 1554 in 2009.

6269, Class SD38P, was built in June 1965, #30441, FN 7805-10, as Louisville & Nashville 1209, Class SD-35.  It was renumbered 4517 and becameSeaboard System 4517 in January 1983.  It became CSX Transportation 4517, Class SD-35, in June 1985 and rebuilt by VMV Enterprises as BN 6269, Class SD38P, in January 1993.  It became BNSF 6269, Class SD39P.



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