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Burlington Northern Santa Fe


National Railway Equipment 3GS21C Diesels

1302, Class 3GS21C, was built by Electro-Motive in March 1966, #32050, FN 7910-4, as Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe 1714, Class 1700.  It was renumbered 5014, Class 5000, in May 1970 and rebuilt at San Bernardino in April 1981.  It became BNSF 6313, Class SD-40, on August 26, 1999.  It was renumbered GN 6313 and rebuilt by National Railway Equipment as BNSF 1302, Class 3GS21C, in 2010.

1313, Class 3GS21C, was builtby Electro-Motive  in June 1973, #72642-26, FN 72642-26, as AT&SF 5669, Class 5625.  It was rebuilt at San Bernardino in February 1986 as 7200, Class 7200, and renumbered 5800, Class 5800, in 1990.  It became BNSF 6450, Class SD45-2, on February 19, 1998, and renumbered GN6450 in 2012.  It was rebuilt by National Railway Equipment in September 2014 as 1313, Class 3GS21C.


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