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Don's Rail Photos

Mid-Continent Railway Museum


Steam Locomotives

Central Illinois Public Service Co 5 was built by Porter in July 1945, #7995. It was donated to MCRM in 1964 and later sold as Crab Orchard & Egyptian 5.  It was converted to a tender locomotive and was later sold to the St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern as 5.

CIPS 6 was built by Vulcan in 1923, #3376. It was donated to the MCRM in 1964.

CIPS 7 was built by Alco-Schenectady in December 1913, #54075, as New York Central 621, Class B-11k. It was renumbered 6721 in 1936 and later sold to CIPS as 7. It was donated to the MCRM in 1964 and then sold to Utica & Mohawk Valley Chapter, NRHS, in Utica, NY, where it is on display.

Chicago & North Western 1385, Class R-1, was built by Alco-Schenectady in March 1907, #42187. It went to MCRM in 1961.

Consumer Co 701 was built by Alco in March, 1914, #54627 as Chicago & Illinois Western 701. It was sold to Clapp Riley & Hall Equipment Co., who sold it to Consumers Co. It was sold to Railway Historical Society of Milwaukee in 1959.  It became MCRM shortly later.

Copper Range RR 29, Class C-2, was built by Alco-Schenectady in February 1907, #42535.   It was sold as Keweenaw Central 29 in 1967 and was sold to MCRM in 2004.

Dardanelle & Russellville RR 9 was built by Baldwin in 1884, #7469, as New Orleans & Northeastern 232.  It was rebuilt in 1904 and sold as D&R 9 in 1918.  It was rebuilt in 1950 and sold to MCRM in 1963.

Goodman Lumber Co 9 was built by Lima on March 11, 1909, #2143, as Sawyer-Goodman Lumber Co 9.  The company became Goodman.  It was sold to Anthony Wise in August 1955 as Hayward Lumberjack Museum and donated to Mid Continent Railway Museum in July 1988.

Kewaunee Green Bay & Western 350, Class C-38, was built by Alco-Schenectady in April 1929, #67819, as 49, Class R-2. It was renumbered in November 1936 and sold to Consolidated Water Power & Paper Co as 350 in November 1950. It was retired in 1955 and placed on display. In 1981 it was donated to the MCRM where it has been cosmetically restored as KGB&W 49.

Lake Superior & Ishpeming 22, Class SC-4, was built by Alco-Pittsburgh in January  1910, #46944, as Marquette & Southeastern Ry 38.  It was merged as Munising Marquette & Southeastern Ry 38 and merged as LS&I 22 in August 1923.  It was sold to Marquette & Huron Mountain RR as 22, Class SC-4, in July 1963 and sold to Richard Goddard in December 1984.  It went to MCRM.

Louisiana Cypress Lumber Co 2 was built by Lima in March 1906, #1027, as Ellisville Lumber Co 1027.  It was sold as Kola Lumber Co 1027 in 1912 and sold Williams Lumber Co 1027 in 1920.  It was sold as Joseph Rathborne Lumber Co 1027 in May 1921.  It was stored in 1929 and re-opened as LCLCo 2 in 1936.  It was sold to Railway Historical Society of Milwaukee in July 1960 which became MCRM in 1963.

Polson Logging Co 2 was built by Baldwin in December 1912, #38967, for logging service in the state of Washington for the Saginaw Timber Company. Her 44-inch diameter drivers produce great pulling power and flangeless center drivers allow for operation on tight curves found on logging railroads. 2 is an oil-burner, a preferred fuel for logging engines to eliminate hot cinders that could pose a fire hazard. 2 served several lumber companies. Northwest Lumber Co., 1914-1929; Polson Brothers Lumber Co., 1929-1948; Rayonier, 1948-1962) before going to the Cadillac & Lake City Ry 1962. In June 1973 it went to the  Kettle Moraine RR as 2 and then went to MCRM in 1982. 2 was then restored to her 1912 as-built appearance with newly fabricated box headlights and tender toolboxes (she still uses her original tender). In 1999, 2 was repainted and subsequently relettered to represent her career for Polson Brothers from 1928 to 1948. As of August 2000, 2 is out service, receiving heavy boiler repairs to bring her to compliance with new Part 230 FRA (Federal Railroad Administration) regulations required in 2001.

Western Coal & Coke Co 1 was built by Montreal Locomotive in September 1913, #53632.  It became Lethbridge Collieries Ltd 1 after 1935 and retired in 1965.  It was sold to Ray Buhrmaster and Stan Mailer in February 1965 and sent to MCRM.

Wisconsin Central Ry 2645, Class E-24, was built by Brooks in November 1900, #3687, as 247. It was renumbered in 1909.  It was retired in 1954 and placed on display on October 29, 1955 in Waukesha. Later it was donated to MCM on September 20, 1988, where it awaits restoration.

Woodward Iron Co 41 was built by Baldwin in January 1928, #60341, as Alabama Tennessee & Northern 401. It later was sold to WICo as their 41 in 1948. It was retired in June 1959 and sent to MCRM 1965.  It was sold to Age of Steam Roundhouse on December 29, 2015.



Diesel Locomotives

Illinois-Wisconsin Sand & Gravel Co "2", HL-18, was built by Plymouth in 1928, #2911, as Twomey-Williams Co, no number.  It was sold as White Cedar Timber Co, no number, and resold as Illinois-Wisconsin Concrete Pipe Co, no number, in 1938.  The pit was renamed as I-W S&G in 1942.  It was acquired in 1963 by MCRM and was assigned number 2.

Wisconsin Power & Light Co "3", 30 Ton, was built by Plymouth in 1952, #5622.  It is now owned by MCRM and numbered 3.  It is used by World Circus Museum.

W. F. Hall Printing Co "5", 50DE58a, was built by Whitcomb Locomotive in 1946 #60695.  It was sold to MCRM and numbered 5 and sold to Wisconsin & Southern as 5 but never lettered.  It was donated to Rochelle Railroad Park in 2004.

Chicago Milwaukee St Paul & Pacific 988, RSC2, Class DE-15, was built by Alco in January 1947 #75134.  It was reclassified Class 15A-RS6 and in 1954 it was rebuilt to Class 16A-RS6..  In 1959 it was renumbered 594 and sold as Kettle Moraine 4 in 1976.  It was sold to Trans-Northern Inc and assigned as Algoma RR 988.  It was transferred as Chippewa River RR 998 and sold to MCRM in October 1985.  It was restored as Milwaukee 988.



Wooden Passenger Cars

Wisconsin Fish Commission "Badger 2" was built by Pullman Co in September 1913, Lot 4015, as Wisconsin Fish Commission "Badger 2".  It was used with steel tanks to carry fish to restock  streams and rivers.   It was sold to Walter H Knapp Inc as 104 and converted as a office car.  It was sold to MCRM in 1960 and set up as coach 104.  It was sent to Hillsboro for service in 1962 and then to North Freedom in 1963.  It was restored as-rebuilt beginning in 1986 and completed in 2008.

East Jordan & Southern RR 2 was built by the Osgood Bradley Co.  in November 1864 as Grand Trunk Ry #112.  It was renumbered to 585 in November 1885 and in 1889 the car was rebuilt at the Chicago & Grand Trunk, Gratiot Shops in Port Huron, MI. In 1902 the coach was sold to EJ&S by the F. M. Hicks of Chicago Heights, IL. It was rebuilt into a combine. It was sold in 1961 to a private individual and resold to MCRM in 1963.

Copper Range RR 25 was built by American Car & Foundry in February 1903, Lot 2504, as 59, a coach.  It was rebuilt as a combination baggage/coach car in 1913 and renumbered 25.  It was purchased for Mid-Continent Railway Museum in 1963 and quickly restored for use.  It was stored in the 1970s and restoration to the 1913 style over 15 years of work.  It was completed in 2013.


Wisconsin Central Ry 63 was built by Pullman in June 1905, #3182. It was renumbered 1941 in 1909 and was rebuilt as a work car, W-323 in August 1935. It was acquired by the MCRM and restored as 63.




Duluth Missabe & Iron Range C-74 was built by Duluth Missabe & Northern in 1924 as DM&N C-74.  It became DMIR C-74 in 1937 and sold to MCRM in 1965.

Chicago Milwaukee St Paul & Pacific 01524 was built at West Milwaukee in 1924 and was sub-lettered for the Chicago Terre Haute & South Eastern.  It is preserved at the MCRM.



Trolleys and Interurbans

Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee 715 was built by Cincinnati Car Co in 1926, #2890.  It is modernized in 1939 and purchased by MCRM in 1963.  It was sold to Wisconsin Electric Railway Museum in 1967 and and then sold to Fox River Trolley Museum in 1988.



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