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Don's Rail Photos

Kansas City Kaw Valley & Western Ry.

Kansas City Kaw Valley RR


This line was opened from Kansas City to Bonner Springs in 1914 and to Lawrence in 1915. The planned goal of Topeka was never reached. Very early, freight traffic became most important. When the Kansas City Mexico & Orient was acquired by the Santa Fe in 1928, the Kaw Valley purchased the Orient terminal properties in Kansas City in conjunction with the Kansas City Southern. These became the Kansas & Missouri Railway & Terminal.

In the 1920s the line went into bankruptcy and was reorganized in 1929. In 1935 all passenger service ended and the name was changed to the KCKV. Trackage west of Bonner Springs was abandoned in 1949 and electric freight service continued into the 1960s.

20 thru 29 were built by Cincinnati Car in early 1918 and were referred to as "submarine" style combines. They were similar to the cars operated on the nearby Kansas City Clay County & St. Joseph.

The body of 25 is still in existence near Springfield, MO. It was used for awhile as a diner, and later it became a fireworks stand. It was measured to create this excellent drawing. If you would like a larger copy, drop me an email note. I can return it by email for those who can handle large files, or I will print it and mail it for my costs.

100 was built from an express motor in 1927. It still had the KCKV&W lettering at least 18 years after the name was changed. Maintenance did not seem a high priority on this car.

108 shows the newer paint scheme and lettering. It was replaced by locomotives.

110 is in the older paint scheme and lettering.

201 was built by Union Traction of Indiana in 1928 as 787. In 1930 it became Indiana RR 787 and was rebuilt in 1939. It ended the IRR at Binkley Mine in April 1943 and was sold to Bevier & Southern as 201. In approximately 1950 it came to the KCKV where only the name was changed.

1st 202 was built by Metropolitan Street Ry (Kansas City) in 1917 as KCKV&W 202.  It was sold as Petaluma & Santa Rosa Ry 502 in 1920 and retired in 1946.

2nd 202 was built by Terre Haute Indianapolis & Eastern in 1920 as 192. In 1930 it became IRR 752 and also ended at Binkley. It was then sold to B&S as 202 and came to KCKV where it also had only the name changed.

502 was built by Baldwin-Westinghouse in December 1919, #52703. It became Cornwall Street Ry. 6 in 1944. It was sold to St. Lawrence Iron & Metal on June 12, 1973, for scrap.

503 was built by Baldwin-Westinghouse in November 1912, #38834, as Connecticut Ry. & Lighting Co. 028. It became Connecticut Co. 1053 in 1916 and was later sold to New Jersey Arsenal in 1937. KCKV purchased it in 1943 and renumbered it 503. It was scrapped in 1956.

504 was built by Baldwin-Westinghouse in December, 1917, #47450, as Monongahela West Penn 2000.  It was sold to the KCKV where it became their 504 in April, 1948. When the Kaw Valley was abandoned in 1953, the locomotive came to San Antonio and became Texas Transportation Co 1.  It is stored at San Antonio.

505 was built by Baldwin-Westinghouse in May,1921, #54748, as Northeast Oklahoma Ry 2. It was purchased in 1940 by Cedar Rapids & Iowa City as 57 and then sold to the KCKV as 505 in 1954. In 1963 it became Iowa Terminal Ry as 51.

506 was built by Baldwin-Westinghouse in December, 1919, #52669, as NEO 1. It was purchased in 1940 by CR&IC as 56, and then sold to the KCK as 506 in 1954. In 1963 it became IAT 52. It burned November 24, 1967.

507 was built by Baldwin-Westinghouse in October, 1920, #53784, as Washington & Old Dominion 50. It was acquired by the CR&IC in 1947 was rebuilt as 58. In 1955, it was sold to the KCKV as 507. In 1962, it became IAT 53, and it was renumbered 50 in 1963. It is now Iowa Traction RR 50.

Kaw Valley had a collection of interchange freight cars which were probably banned from such service by the time they were photographed 60 or more years ago.

The barn looks as if it would have been more at home in Southern California than in Eastern Kansas. That's the line car inside and the 503 on the left hand side.



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