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Historical Locomotives

"Tom Thumb", a replica, was built by B&O in 1927.

"York, a replica, was built by B&O in 1927.  It was donated to Museum of Science & Industry in 1934.

2 "Atlantic" was built by B&O in February 1836 as 2 "Andrew Jackson".  It was renumbered 7 in 1851 and renumbered 2 in January 1884.  It was renamed "Atlantic" in 1893.

3 "John Hancock" was built by B&O in April 1836 as "John Hancock".  It was numbered 8 in 1851 and renumbered 3 in 1884.  It was renamed "Thomas Jefferson" in 1893 and renamed "John Hancock" in 1949.

13 "Lafayette", a replica, was built by B&O in 1927.  It was lettered "William Galloway" at some point.

25 "William Mason" was built by Mason in August 1856, #46, as 25.  It was renumbered 55 in 1882 and renumbered and named as 25 "William Mason". On November 20, 1950, it appeared as Milwaukee & Mississippi 1 for the Milwaukee Road Centennial.

57 "Memnon" was built by New Castle Manufacturing Co in October 1848 as "Memnon".  It was numbered 57 in 1851 and was renumbered 13 in 1884.  It was restored as 57 "Memnon" in 1898.

117 "Thatcher Perkins" was built by B&O in 1863.  It was renumbered 280 in 1884 and restored and named as 117 "Thatcher Perkins" in 1897.    It appeared as Chicago & Rock Island 117 in 1948 and returned as B&O 117 in 1949.

173, Class B-58, was built by B&O in 1873 as 363.  It was renumbered 173 in 1884 and donated to Purdue University in November 1901.  It was then donated to National Museum of Transport in October 1951.

217 was built by B&O in August 1869 as 305.  It was renumbered 187 in 1884 and renumbered 129 in May 1893.  It was renumbered and named as 217 "Ross Winans" in 1927.

600 "J C Davis" was built by B&O in 1875 as 600.  It was renumbered 918 in 1884 and restored as 600 "J C Davis" in 1893.



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