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Fort Collins Municipal Ry.

The last regular operation of Birney cars in the U. S. was in Fort Collins, CO. The line was originally built by the Denver & Interurban Ry in 1907. In July 1918, the D&I stopped operating the local lines. A bus system was tried, but was very unpopular. In January 1919, the voters, by an 8 to 1 majority, decided to take over the system. Four Birneys were purchased from American Car of St. Louis and began operation in May. Over the years additional cars were added and replaced. Finally, in 1951, the system was abandoned on June 30th. The city had grown beyond the car lines, and riders had gone to the automobile. Car 21 was preserved locally. Other cars were saved at other locations. A local group began to restore 21 in 1977, and operation began on Mountain Avenue on December 29, 1984. Over the next two years, 1.5 miles of track was restored for operation. For a complete story about this system, check out their web site.

20 was built by American Car Co. in April 1919, #1184. It was sold in 1951 and moved to the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer in Minden, NE. and has been on static display there ever since.

21 was built by American Car Co. in April 1919, #1184. It was the first Birney in service. It was preserved and is in operation.

22 was built by American Car Co in April 1919, #1184.   It was retired in 1951 and sold to the Rocky Mountain Railroad Club in 1952. It was on static display at the Colorado Railroad Museum though 1997  It was leased to the Colorado Springs Transportation Society and presently being restored in the former Rock Island enginehouse. as Colorado Springs& Interurban Ry 135. 

23 was built by American Car Co in April 1919, #1184.

24 was built by Cincinnati Car Co in August 1920, #2420.

2nd 24 was built by Brill Car Co in December 1922, #21530, as Virginia Railway & Power Co 1530  It was sold as FCM 24 in 1946 but seldom operated. Parts kept second Car 25 operating.

25 was built by American Car Co in  November 1922, #1324, as Cheyenne Electric Ry 6. It purchased  in 1924 as FCM 25 and was scrapped prior to abandonment.

2nd 25 was built by Brill Car Co in December 1922, #21530, as VR&P 1520.  It was sold as FCM 25 in 1946. It was sold to James Stitzel in 1953 and resided next to the former Midland Terminal depot in Victor, CO, until it was sold to a South Carolina party about 1980. It was cosmetically restored. In 1998 it was sold to the Charlotte Trolley painted as South Carolina Public Service Co 407.  It was sold to Fort Colins Municipal in 2008 and is being restored as 25.

26 was built by American Car Co. in November 1922, #1324 as CERy 7.  It was sold as FCM 26 it in 1924. It was sold to Henry Ford Museum and moved to Michigan in 1953 where it is on static display. It was operated several times on the trackage of the Department of Street Railways.


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