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The Milwaukee Electric Ry. & Light Co.

The Milwaukee Electric Ry. & Transport Co.

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Route 27


27TH STREET began service on October 21, 1913, from 22nd (later South 27th) at National Ave to North 27th and Burleigh.

On November 1, 1915, it was extended to Keefe.

On August 1, 1921, it was one manned.

On September 18, 1925, it was extended to Hopkins.

On March 3, 1929, it was looped into the Hopkins terminal.

In 1936 it temporarily cut back to St Paul Ave due to the viaduct reconstruction.

On April 18, 1937, it was extended on 27th to Akinson and then to 32nd, Cameron, 35th, to Silver Spring to replace Route 12.

On March 30, 1947, it was cut back to Atkinson and replaced by Route 20 trackless trolleys.

On June 22, 1952, the Hopkins loop was removed.

On October 17, 1954, was replaced by buses.

At Pierce, Mitchell Park was on one corner and the opposite was the National Car Station.

The Hopkins terminal was  shared with Route 12.

There was as a single track crossing over the Milwaukee Road when the line changed to 27th and 35th.

Silver Spring was the north end of the line.


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