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Route 16


VLIET-1ST AVE began November 1, 1900, from 27th & Vliet on Vliet, N 12th, Chestnut, 3rd, Sycmore, E Michigan, E Water, Ferry, S Water, Clinton (S 1st), Mitchell, 1st Ave, to Clarence.

On May 1, 1905, it was extended to N 42nd.

On April 18, 1913, it was extended from Clarence to Cleveland.

On February 1, 1914, it was extended on Vliet to 58th.

On November 12, 1923, it was extended on 1st Ave from Cleveland to Oklahoma.

On August 1, 1924, it was extended on Oklahoma to Midland (S 9th)

On September 17, 1925, it was abandoned on Oklahoma to Midland.

It was extended on 1st Ave from Oklahoma to Euclid, to Midland, to Morgan.


There was a station in the triangle between 1st, Kinnickinnic, and Mitchell.


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