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Don's Rail Photos

Detroit United Railways

Eastern Michigan Railways

On December 31, 1900, DUR was formed to take over the various street railways in Detroit. They then took over the various interurban lines which used the street railway tracks into Detroit. The DUR became a major part of the Everett-Moore Syndicate.

Local politicians began in 1913 to attempt to take over the street railway operations of DUR, and finally succeeded in doing so on May 15, 1922. With the heart of the system gone, DUR went into bankruptcy on March 10, 1925.

On September 12, 1928, DUR sold off the Flint and Pontiac Divisions to Eastern Michigan System. The last operation of the EMS was on May 31, 1934. The DM&T Division became a subsidiary, Eastern Michigan-Toledo RR. The Rapid Railway Division was abandoned on May 1, 1928, The DJ&C Division carried on as a separate company for a short time. The Orchard Lake Division was finally abandoned on April 8, 1927. The Wyandotte Division was abandoned beyond Wyandotte o May 25, 1927. Department of Street Rys then extended the West Jefferson line to Wyandotte.

Thus ended the glory days of interurbans in eastern Michigan.

828 was built by Stephenson Car Co in 1901 as open car.  It was rebuilt by Kuhlman in 1907 as a closed car.  It was taken over as Department of Street Rys 828 in 1922 and converted as money car X-828.

1001 was built by DUR.

3085 was built by Kuhlman Car Co in 1917 .  It was taken as DSR 3085.  

3254 was built by Kuhlman in 1927. It was purchased as Oklahoma Rys  145 in 1936.

3258 was built by Kuhlman in 1927. It was purchased as ORys 149 in 1936.

7053 was built by Kuhlman in 1900, order #50.

7088 was built by Niles in 1913.

7281 was built by Barney & Smith as a trailer. It was later motorized and then rebuilt for freight service. By 1922 it was listed as a caboose.

7312 was built by Niles in 1916 and was equipped with third rail shoes to operated on the Michigan United Rys. They were later removed for service on the Rapid division.

7503 was built by Brill Car Co in 1907 as Detroit Monroe & Toledo Shore Line Ry 3.  It was renumbered 503 and became DUR 7503.

7509 was built by Stephenson Car Co in 1903 as DM&TSL 9.  It was renumbered 509 and became DUR 7509.

7522 was built by Jewett in 1917. In 1926 it received the new paint scheme of desert sand and ivory with a red band below the windows. It was also named Delaware.

7529 was built by Jewett in 1915 and was scrapped in 1926.

7538 was built by Kuhlman in 1920. In 1926 it was given the new paint scheme and named Assinaboine.

7529 was built by Kuhlman in 1920. In 1926 it was given the new paint scheme and named Tuscarora.

7556 was built by St. Louis Car in 1916 as Grand Rapids Grand Haven & Muskegon 20. It was acquired by DUR and given the new paint scheme and numbered 7556 and named Moskoki.

7763 was built by DUR in 1923.  It became EMRy  7763 in 1923 and sold as Cleveland Inteurban Ry 101 in 1932.  It became SHRT 101 in 1944 and sold to Ohio Railway Museum in 1967.  It was restored as EMRy 7763 and has been rotting ever since.

7794 was built by Kuhlman in 1907. This is one of my favorite photos.

8003 was built by Kuhlman in 1920 and rebuilt in 1924. It was later repainted and renamed Chippewa.

8022 was rebuilt in 1924 from a trailer in the 7140-7147 series which were built by Kuhlman in 1916. It has the new paint scheme.

1981 was built by DUR in 1914.  It became DSR X-1981 in 1922 and was the last car in Detroit.

2000 was built by Baldwin-Westinghouse in January 1915, #41873. It was sold to International Nickel Co. as 109 in 1936.

2008 was built by DUR in 1920 as 2008.  It was sold as Jamestown Westfield & Northwestern Ry 300 in 1934.

2009 was built by DUR. in 1927. It was purchased in 1935 by Cedar Rapids & Iowa City as 55. In 1955 it was purchased for preservation by the Indiana Museum of Transportation.

2010 was built by DUR in 1920.  It became EMRy 2010 in 1928 and sold as Philadelphia & Western Ry 402 in 1934.  It became Philadelphiia Suburban Transportation Co 402 in 1948 and Southeastern Pennnsylvania Transportation Authority 402 in 1970.  It was acquired by Rockhill Trolley Museum.

7284 was built by Niles Car Co in 1916.  It was taken over as DSR 7284 in 1922.


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