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Cleveland & Eastern Ry.



One of the least successful interurbans was the C&E. It was begun in 1897 but the first operation began in 1899. Through electric operation to Chardon began in 1900 with a steam shuttle to Middlefield for a short time. In 1902 the line was merged into Eastern Ohio Traction Co. which also include the line to Chagrin Falls and Garretsville. EOT went bankrupt after only 2 years, and it was split in 1910. C&E continued as a separate line again.

Even though there was little steam road competition, the line was never able to show a profit except for one year during the war. There were a number of misfortunes which plagued the line. In November 1900, a carbarn fire destroyed five cars. A head-on collision in 1907 destroyed two more. Other cars were destroyed in derailments, but few, if any, fatalities were suffered. Much of the operating surplus went for repair and replacement of rolling stock. Finally, in 1924, the receiver filed to abandon, and the last cars ran on March 31, 1925.

The first cars were named and were built by Jewett in 1899.

The next group of cars came from St. Louis Car in approximately 1900.

Roster information is skimpy, but this seems to be the next group of cars.

The 50s appear similar but somewhat more elaborate.

55 was built by Barney & Smith Car Co.  It was sold as Niagara St. Catharines & Toronto 40 in 1926 and scrapped in 1959.

The last cars were 56 and 57 built by Kuhlman in 1915. After abandonment, they went to NS&T where 57 became NS&T 80.

60 was one of the express motors.


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