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National Railway Equipment Co.

This growing company is a dealer and leasor of locomotives. This is a historical information site and we have no connection with the company. We have found that a person was somewhat confusing in the basic purpose of this site.


4249, B23-7, was built by General Electric in April 1980, #42931, as Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe 6392, Class 6390.  It became Burlington Northern Santa Fe 4249, Class B23-7, on January 20, 2000, and retired in March 2007.  It was sold as NREX 4249 on January 14, 2008.

4253, B23-7, was built by General Electric in April 1980, #42935, as AT&SF 6396, Class 6390.  It became BNSF 4253, Class B23-7, in December 1999 and sold as NREX 4253.  It was sold as Pena Colorado 4253.

4256, B23-7, was built by General Electric in April 1980, #42938, as AT&SF 6399, Class 6390.  It became BNSF 4256, Class B23-7, in January 2000, and retired in March 2007.  It was sold as NREX 4256 on September 2, 2007, and rebuilt as a C26-7 for Rift Valley Railways.

4403, SD40-2, was built by Electro-Motive in March 1975, #7690-1, FN 74690-1, as Missouri Pacific 3164. In 1982 it became Union Pacific 4164, Class SD40-2, and was retired on April 19, 1990. It was sold to General American Transportation Co as 2000 on December 21, 1990, and sold to Canadian Pacific on March 14, 1994.  It became CP 5422 on January 17, 1995.  It was sold Locomotive Leasing Partners 4403 on May 26, 1999, and sold as NRE 4403 in 2007.

4440, GP9u, was built by General Motors in November 1957, #A1310, FN 234-15, as Canadian National 4574, Class Class GR-17m.  It was wrecked at Ridgeway, ON, on August 5, 1971, and rebuilt.  It was rebuilt in 1982 as 4010, Class GR-418a, and sold as NREX 4440 in 2007.

4509, U23B, was built by General Electric in October 1974, #39907 as Missouri Pacific 2259. It was renumbered 4509 in 1980 and was assigned Union Pacific 543. On January 24, 1991, it was sold to GATX and then to NRE as 4509. It became Texas Central Business 101 in 2001.

4631, GP40, was built by Electro-Motive in July 1966, #31790, FN 7897-6, as Seaboard Air Line 621.  In July 1967 it became Seaboard Coast Line 1536 and later Seaboard System RR 1536.  It was renumbered 6692 and then became CSX Transportation 6692, Class GP-40.  It was sold as VMV Enterprises 6692 and rebuilt as United States Army 4631.  It was sold to NRE as 4631 and sold as Fort Worth & Western 2020 "Wyatt Earp" in December 2011.

4810, GP38u, was built by Electro-Motive in September 1970, #36686, FN 7274-20, as Baltimore & Ohio 4810, Class GP-38.  It was wrecked at Blenheim, ON, on February 19, 1985, and retired on July 16, 1986.  It was sold to Mansbach Metals in March 1988 and resold to NRE in August 1988.  It was rebuilt as NRL 4810 and leased to New York Susquehanna & Western.  It was sold to San Manuel Arizona RR as 18 in 1993.

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