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The Christmas Parade was sponsored by Schuster stores from 1928 until 1955.  They tried using trolley buses but it was a failure.  The leading car was usually D28.

The Railroad Society of Milwaukee had a double trip on June 30, 1946. First was a train from Milwaukee to Kenosha and back using 1111 and 1118. A second train ran from Milwaukee to Port Washington using 1140 and 1198-1199.

There was an unknown group who chartered 1139 to Port Washington on March 7, 1948, which was 3 weeks before the end of the line.

Milwaukee Division, Electric Railroaders Assn, chartered 1145 to Port Washington the second week, March 21, 1948, and made many stops

ERA chartered 1122 and made quite a few stops on May 23, 1948.  Cardboard signs were made to look like the roller signs.

The last service by two-man cars ended on May 26, 1949, when the Burnham-Becher stub of Route 19 was replaced by trolley coaches. On May 8th, the Milwaukee Division, Electric Railroaders Assn chartered 639 and operated it all the way to Whitefish Bay on Route 15.

60 was the first Speedrail trips on both lines and sponsored by ERA.

1121 was charted and ran on the North Shore to Rondout on December 4, 1949.

300 made the shakedown trip to Hales Corners and Waukesha both.  There was a problem with the pilot on the loop.

300 had a run to Hales Corners and back on July 16, 1950.  When they did a photo stop, they did a back up and the pole folded.  The other pole was turned so that the trip home would complete.  Then 65 was made a run to Hales Corners with the new paint without lettering.  There was also a trip using 1115.  And it made a special run to Waukesha using 31-32.

The National Model Railroad Association had their national convention in September 1950.  I couldn't participate because my aunt--godmother got married and of course I had to be there.  A newly repainted was 39-40 and 1192-1193 ran trips on the Hales Corners line.  But then they crashed.


On May 24, 1953, the Wisconsin Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society chartered 985 and operated over Route 15 and other places. I didn't make the trip as I was out of town, in Korea.

In 1957, the NRHS had their convention at Milwaukee.  There were also a bunch of party cars over the whole year.

NRHS had a special group of cars at the end of the service in February 1958.


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