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Alco RS32 Diesel Road Switchers

4002, RS32, Class AS420-1, was built in March 1962, #84027, as 7302, Class DF-618.  It was renumbered 4002, Class AS420-1, in 1966 and retired in May 1977.  It was sold as Chrome 4002 in September 1978 and sold as East Tennessee & Western North Carolina 211 in August 1980.  It became East Tennessee Ry 211 in 1984 and sold as Delaware Valley Ry 211.  It then was sold as Tishomingo RR 211 and then in October 2004 as Delaware-Lackawanna RR 211.

4009, RS32, Class AF420-1, was built in April 1962, #84034, as 7309, Class DF-618.  It was renumbered 4009, Class AF420-1, in 1966 and retired in May 1977.  It was sold to Chrome in May 1977 as 4009 and sold as Fillmore & Western 4009 in 1988.


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