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454, S2, Class AS-10, was built in November 1945, #73359, as Delaware & Hudson 3003, Class DES-69.  It was reclassified Class S-10 in 1959 and sold as LIRR 445, Class AS-10, in 1963.  It was sold as Lykens Valley RR 1 "Jenny" and resold as Mercerburg RR 1 in 1978.   It was sold as Falls Creek RR 1 in December 1980 and renumbered 61 in 1981.  It was resold as ISS Rail 61 and renumbered 3003 in 1993.  It was scrapped.

452, S2, Class AS-10c, was built in January 1949, #76572, as LIRR 452, Class AS-10c.  It was sold as MCBG 2 in 1978 and sold as FCRR 2 in December 1980.  It was renumbered 62 in 1981 and sold to New York & Lake Erie RR for parts.



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