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Don's Rail Photos

International Harvester Co.

42, SW8, was built by Electro-Motive in June 1951, #14282, as Chicago West Pullman & Southern 42. It was rebuilt by Electro-Motive in 1967. It later was sold to IHCo as 42 in April 1975. It was sold to U. S. Steel Co. as 41 on March 4, 1976.

44, SW8, was built by Electro-Motive in November 1952, #16826, as CWP&S 44. It later was sold to IHCo. as 44 in August 1974. It was later sold to Alter Scrap Co. as 1.  

201, GM30, was built by Davenport in 1944, #2669.  It was sold as Fort Jennings & Delphis Ry 1.  It was purchased by Kyle Flannigan and sent to Pleasant Lake, IN, which has been under restoration.

475, VO1000, was built by Baldwin in January 1941, #62410, as Elgin Joliet & Eastern 475.  It was rebuilt in March 1962 and sold to Industrial Maintenance Service in November 1975.  It was sold to IHCo as 475.


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