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Sacramento Northern RR

Non-Revenue Cars

1605 was built by Northern Electric Ry at Chico in 1917.  It was relettered as SN 605 in 1921 and 1605 later that year.  It was scrapped in 1948.

MW82 and MW83 were built by Holman in 1912 as Oakland Antioch & Eastern 101 and 102. In 1920 they became San Francisco-Sacramento RR 101 and 102, and then SN 601 and 602 in 1928. They were retired in 1948 and became maintenance of way cars MW82 and MW83. MW83 (602) is now at Rio Vista Junction.

MW302 was built  by Hall-Scott Motor Car Co in 1913, as OA&E 1020.  It became SF-S 1020 in 1920 and SN 1020 in 1928.  It was renumbered as MW302 in 1941 and went to Western Railway Museum in 1962.



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