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Korean National Railroad

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East Coast Railroad Lines


There was a line which ran along the east coast of Korea but I never got to see any of them.  They said it was a fantastic ride.  The main line we had was from Pusan to Seoul on a straight line (more or less).  I also got to see some of the southwest lines.  There is now a line almost in straight line also running from Pusan to Seoul but it is east of the main line.  There are several lines which run from the Seoul and east to the east coast.  There is a branch to Pohang which serves the steel plant there.  The old line seems to have continued and may have been narrow gauge.  Rick Gardner sent an email.

"My name is Rick Gardner and was stationed in Korea in 1974 and then again in 1980.  My camp was north of the City of Pohang. This summer I’ve discovered the history behind some of the places I’ve found outside the City. In particular, from a Japanese map c.1946, was the showing of a narrow gauge rail road leaving Pohang-dong, traveling north to the next city, Hunghae near the the coast. In 1974 and again in 1980, while jogging through the hills and past some very old farms, I found the tunnels the train passed through.  The train line (tracks) was long gone, just the tunnels still existed.   Exploring the history of the tunnels lead me to discovering they were part of a “narrow-gauge rail system.” Wanting to learn more, led me to your site and your email.

"I’m writing about the “Pohang narrow-gauge train system” to a circle of Army friends who also were station in Pohang (from 1970 to 1996). I would like to use several of your photos in my story.


I decided to use some of his material

There was an early map which included the route from Pohang-dong to Hughae.

Pohang station is right downtown.  It is the terminal on the Donghae Line to Pusan but there is a new building.



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