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9, a 2-6-0, is not in my information sources.

42 appears to be one of a group of 2-8-0s built by Baldwin beginning in 1914 for the Peking Mukden Ry. These later became Class KD12 based on the Japanese schemes.

52, a 2-6-2T, is not in my information sources, but it appears to have been built in the US.

1466, one of the newer 2-10-2s.

1685, Class SYM, was built by Tangshan Locomotive & Rolling Stock, 1989, #SY1658M.  It was numbered with the Chinese markings when arrived but later lettered and numbered as Knox & Kane RR 58.  Service ended in 2006 and the engine house was burned on March 16, 2008.  It was sold to Valley Railroad on October 10, 2008.  It was restored as New York New Haven & Hartford 3025 and completed in 2011.

7081, Class QJ, was built by Datong Locomotive Works in 1986.  It was sold to Iowa Interstate RR as 7081 in June 2006. 

0043, Class NJ2, C38AChe, was built by General Electric in 2006, #56406.


Thanks to Peter Clark for his book on Locomotives in China.


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