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M Series Express Motors and Trailers


M1 was built at Cold Spring Shops in 1917  along the lines of the 700 Class City Cars. The trucks were replaced in 1924 and became Kenosha Motor Coach Lines  M1 in 1946.  It was sold to WEPCo at Port Washington Power Plant after 1948.  It was sold to Wisconsin Electric Railway Historical Society in 1979 and then was sold to Illinois Railway Museum in 1989.

M14 was built at Cold Springs Shops in 1920 as a trailer.  It was motorized in 1924 and became KMCL M14 in 1946.  It was scrapped in 1952.

M15 was built at Cold Spring Shops in 1920 as a trailer, but it was motorized almost immediately. It was transferred to the isolated East Troy operation in 1939, and sold to the Municipality of East Troy in 1949. It is sold to WERHS in 1982 and now preserved at the IRM in 1989.

M20 was built by St. Louis Car in 1903 as coach 1015. It was rebuilt in 1924 as an express motor. It was scrapped in 1945.

M37 was built at Cold Spring in 1931.   It was designed to move containers in the interurban routes and equipped with a pumper for use at Lakeside.  It is sold to WERHS in 1982 and now preserved at the IRM in 1989.

M43 was built at Cold Springs in 1931.  It was rebuilt in 1933 with 6 foot sliding doors.  When the service ended, the car was used for storage.  It was sold to Milwaukee Rapid Transit & Speedrail in 1949 and scrapped in 1952.


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