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Memphis Area Transit Authority

155 was built by Compania Carris de Ferro do Porto in 1926 as 206. It was renumbered 156 in 1946 when the company became Servicio Transportes Colectivos do Porto. It was retired in 1984 and sold to MATA.

180 was built by CCFP in 1929 as 320. It was renumbered 180 in 1946 and retired in 1989 and sold to MATA.

187 was built by CCFP in 1925. It was never renumbered and was retired in 1981 and sold to MATA.

194 was built by CCFP in 1926 as 194. It retained the same number when the company changed. It was retired by them in 1986 and sold to MATA.

204 was built by CCFP in 1929 and rebuilt in 1940. It was retired in 1989 and sold to MATA.


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