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Don's Rail Photos

Washington Baltimore & Annapolis Electric Ry.

Annapolis Short Line RR

Baltimore & Annapolis RR


The WB&A originally was built between Washington and Baltimore beginning in 1902. It took over a steam railroad, the AB&W, which operated from Annapolis to Fort George Meade. First operation was from Washington to Annapolis in February 1908, and into Baltimore on April 3, 1908. Entry into Washington was effected by transferring passengers to local streetcars, but the Baltimore terminal was near downtown with little street running. The power was 6600v AC. The original cars were so heavy that they crushed the conduit in the streets of Washington. On February 15, 1910, newer 1200v DC cars were acquired and operation into downtown Washington was possible. The heavy "Pullmans" were sold to other roads including the Rock Island Southern.

The Annapolis Short Line was built as a steam road and was taken over by Maryland Electric Rys. in 1907. It was also electrified with AC. Trains into Baltimore operated over the B&O in Camden Station. It was taken over by the WB&A in 1921. Both lines into Annapolis were continued in service.

Bankruptcy came in 1931 with the depression. The road seemed secure, but losses brought abandonment of the road on August 20, 1935. The former Short Line was reorganized and continued operation as the Baltimore & Annapolis. Busses replaced passenger cars in 1950, but freight operation continued. The B&A slowly lost freight and then the line was bought by the state of Maryland for use as the southern end of the Baltimore Light Rail Line.  State-owned Canton Railroad was contracted to serve the remaining freight customers but eventually the last one left and the line is all-passenger now.

17 was built by Southern Car in 1909 for the Annapolis Short Line. It was rebuilt in 1917 as WB&A 17. They sold it in 1935 to Capital Transit Co., where it was the 017. In 1944 it went to the Hagerstown & Frederick as 1. Its disposition is unknown.

27 was built by Brill in 1927.

30 was built by Southern Car Co.

35 thru 39 were built by Cincinnati Car in 1913. In 1937, they were sold to the Chicago Aurora & Elgin. They were remodeled as control trailers with narrowed ends and other modifications and numbered 600 thru 604.




80 thru 82 were built by Cincinnati Car in 1913. In 1938, they were sold to the CA&E where they were rebuilt in a manner similar to 35 thru 39. They were used as coaches with seats installed in the former baggage compartment. They were renumbered 700 thru 702.

I do not have roster information on 101.

50, 70 Ton, was built by General Electric in January 1950, #30437.  It is now preserved at the B&O Museum.

87, SW9, was builtby Electro-Motive  in December 1953, #18287, FN 4253-1, as Chesapeake & Ohio 5092, Class SE-12.  It was reclassified as Class SW-9 in 1964 and sold as BLA 87. 


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