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Baldwin Locomotive Works



 Columbia 13350 was built in 1892 and carried its construction number.

No number was built by Baldwin-Westinghouse in July 1896, XO2040.  It was rebuilt in July 1906 as Lackawanna & Wyoming Valley RR 401 and retired on August 19, 1953.  It was scrapped March 1956.

26 was built by Baldwin in 1929, #60733.  It was sold as Jackson Iron & Steel Co 3 and later restored as BLW 26.

299, VO660, was built by Baldwin in April 1939, #62299.  It was scrapped in June 1971.

1500, DRS6-4-1500, was built by Baldwin in September 1946, #72629.  It was sold as Union Pacific 1250 in January 1948 and retired in August 1962.  It was sold to Industrial Maintenance Service in July 1966 and to Electro-Motive.

1600, AS616, was built by Baldwin in September 1949, #74676.  It was sold to Duluth South Shore & Atlanta as 211 in March 1952 and became Soo Line RR 395 in April 1962.  It was retired in 1966 and scrapped.

2001, 0-6-6-0 1000/2 DE, was built by Baldwin in March 1945, #70321.  It was sold as Nacionales de Mexico 6001, Class DE-8 in August 1945 and scrapped on September 11, 1957.

6000, DR12-8-3000, was built by Baldwin in 1941 and rebuilt in December 1945, #71579.  It was sold at Seaboard Air Line 4500 on December 2, 1945. and retired in July 1957.

6001-A, DR4-4-1500A, was built by Baldwin in June 1949, #73981.  It was sold as Elgin Joliet & Eastern 700A on January 1, 1950, and sold as Baltimore & Ohio 847, Class DF-9, on March 11, 1955.  It was renumbered 4200, Class FB-1, in 1957 and retired on October 17, 1962.  It was sold for scrap on January 3, 1963.  


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