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Don's Rail Photos

  Illinois Central RR

Passenger & Business Cars


5 was a classic business car.  It was sold as a bed and breadfast at East Newmans, MS.

7 was built by Pullman in 1917, #4466, as 17.  It was renumbered 7 in 1940 and sold as Chicago Madison & Northern 7 "Doonin".  It was sold as Thompson Farms Co 7 and acquired to Monticello Railway Museum.  It was restored as IC 7.

30 was built at Burnside in 1943.  The dynamometer equipment was provided by University of Illinois.  It was retired in 1955 and donated to St Louis National Museum of Transportion 1969.

508 was at one time a baggage car.

2630 was built by Pullman-Standard.

3300 "Bamboo Grove" was built by Pullman-Standard.  It was rebuilt.

3305 "Mardis Gras" was built in 1918 and rebuilt in 1947 from 2186, a coach.  It was sold to Louis Saia and sold to NRHS Roanoke in March 1978. It was painted as Norfolk & Western tuscan red.  It was sold to Pullman Rail Journeys and restored as San Luis & Rio Grande RR 3305 "Mardis Gras" in 2010.

3306 "Audubon Park" was built in 1918 and rebuilt in 1947 from 2175, a coach.  It was sold to John Brigham who did some charter work.  When he passed away, it was sold to an individual in Frisco, TX.  It was acquired by Pullman Rail Journeys in July 2013 and was sent to Alamosa, CO, for restoration as SLRG 3306 "Audubon Park".

3320 "Paducah" was built in 1918 as 2173, a coach.  It was rebuilt as 3320 in 1947.  It was sold as Carolina Southern RR 3320 "City of Myrtle Beach" and resold to Pullman Rail Journeys as SLRG 3320 in 2011.  It is being restored at Alamosa.

3378 was built in 1918 as 2211.  It was rebuilt as 3308 and rebuilt as 3378.  It was sold as Wisconsin & Calumet RR 3378 "Calumet Club".  It was was sold to another owner and resold to Iowa Pacific.  It became San Luis & Rio Grande RR 3378 "Calumet Club".

"Hazelhurst" was built by Pullman-Standard in July 1939 as Pullman Co "Imperial Estate".  It was sold as New York Central "Imperial Estate" in 1948 and renamed "Imperial Manor".  It was sold as IC "Hazelhurst" in 1962  and sold to John Brigham and used for charter service in 1968.  It was sold to Midwest Travel Services and resold in 1980 to Rail Passenger Services of Tucson AZ.  It went to Arizona Railroad Museum and painted as silver and lettered as "Imperial Manor".

HU4 was a steam generator car.

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