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9900 was built by St Louis Car Co in February 1925, #1352, Electro-Motive #108, as Electro-Motive Corp 108.  It was rebuilt by Electro-Motive in April 1926 as C&NW 9900.  It was rebuilt as Sperry Rail Service 126 in August 1937.

9905 was built by St Louis Car Co in February 1927, #1422, Electro-Motive #202.  It was rebuilt as 9954, trailer, in 1945

9911 was built by Pullman in 1928, Order 6141, and Electro-Motive, #268. It was destroyed in July 1953.

9915 was built by Pullman in June 1928, Order 6143, and Electro-Motive, #274. It was rebuilt in 1948 with 2 Sterling engines and a streamlined front and was sold for scrap in 1957.

9933, RDC1, was built by Budd in April 1950, #2993. It was sold to Chesapeake & Ohio as 9061 in September 1957. It became Baltimore & Ohio 1971, Class DC-2, in June 1965. It was burned in February 1966 and sold to Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority in September 1969. It later was sold to Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority as 10 and is now at the Illinois Railway Museum.

430, RDC3, was built by Budd in May 1953, #5820, as New York New Haven & Hartford 130.  It became Penn Central 97 in 1969,  It was sold to Krautkramer Ultrasonics, who had purchased it to convert to a rail inspection car, but the project fell through.  It was sold as C&NW 430 and later sold to Indiana Railway Museum.


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