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Evansville & Ohio Valley Ry.

The E&OV began as extensions of the local Evansville, IN, streetcar system, Evansville Railways.

The Evansville & Eastern built a line from a connection with the Evansville Suburban & Newburgh near Evansville. The ES&N was a separate company, but the E&E was part of the local system. It built east to Rockport (21 miles) in 1907 along with a 3 mile branch to Richland City. After a fare dispute, it built its own line into Evansville in 1908. In 1911 the line was extended another 6 miles east to Grandview. The line was heavily built and enjoyed a considerable amount of freight traffic.

The Evansville & Mount Vernon was opened in 1906 with plans to build into Southern Illinois, but only 22 miles were completed.

These two lines were consolidated in 1907 with the city system. A third line, the Evansville Henderson & Owensboro was built to Henderson, KY, in 1912. The line included a car ferry across the Ohio River.

In 1918, the system was reorganized and became the E&OV in 1919. In 1927 a car headed to Henderson hit an open switch, killing 4 and injuring 50. The damage claims bankrupted the company and the Henderson line was abandoned in 1928. The Grandview line continued providing passenger service until 1938. In 1941 it was abandoned except for 13 miles between Rockport, Posey, and Richland. This portion served a number of sand pits and continued in operation until 1946.

132 was a light-weight interurban.

154 was built by General Electric in September 1915, #3848, for Portsmouth Street RR & Light Co. It was acquired by the E&OV in 1920 and numbered 154. When the line was abandoned in 1946, it was sold to Cook Transit Co. as 301. Cook Transit was the remaining portion of the ES&N mentioned above. After Cook shut down, it was acquired by the Indiana Museum of Transportation.

The local city lines were operated as the Southern Indiana Gas & Electric Co.

In 1926 they purchased 13 cars from the Lightweight Noiseless Car Co. These were built in the shops of the Twin City Rapid Transit between August and October of that year. 401 thru 407 were double end cars and 408 thru 413 were single end.


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