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Don's Rail Photos

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Passenger Cars


24 "Jefferson River" was built by Pullman-Standard in 1948 under order #4135.

53, dome, was built by Pullman-Standard in 1952, #6908.  It was sold as Canadian National "Athabasca" in January 1965 and renumbered 2701 in April 1974.  It became Via Rail Canada 2701 in March 1978 and retired in June 1982.  It was sold to Rail Travel Associates in February 1983 and painted as 53 in August 1984.  It was donated to MidContinent Railway Museum in 1985 but never used.  It was sold to C&NW as 421 "Powder River" in 1985.  It was sold to North Carolina Department of Transportation as 400301 "Mount Mitchell" in 1996, but never used.  It was sold to Friends of the 261 and repainted for service as North Star Rail 800862.

187 "Coon Rapids" was built in 1948 for the Twin Cities Hiawatha. It was retired in 1970.

1310, baggage-dormitory, was built in 1947 for the Olympian Hiawatha.

2709 was a branchline combine which was rebuilt from an older car. The exterior received the ribbed sides of a streamliner, but the interior was completely early days. All wood, walkover plush seats, kerosene lights, etc.

2716 was a branchline combine which had been sold to the Toledo Peoria & Western as a tool car and was numbered 124. This was where it lost most of the windows in the passenger compartment. It is now painted and lettered as it had been on the Milwaukee.

4401 thru 4440 were built at Milwaukee in 1934 and were the original Hiawatha coaches. 4412 was damaged in a derailment on the Chippewa.

"Mountaineer" was a sightseeing car used on the Olympian. At least one of these cars became an idler car for one of the wreckers.

"Omeme" was built in 1936. In 1948, the rear end received fins and larger windows to make it more like the 1938 cars. After 1952, it was converted to storage car 1957.

"Merrill" was built in 1938. It was later rebuilt as storage car 1960. It was used to celebrate the 100th anniversary of service to Waukesha.

"Montana" was built at West Milwaukee as 162, club lounge.  It was rebuilt as "Montana" in 1955 and sold to a private owners as 800197 "Mount Rainier" in 1978.  It was sold as Wisconsin Central Ltd 800197 "Prairie Rose" and later sold to another private owner which has restored as 800197 "Montana".

"Wisconsin" was a business car built at West Milwaukee in 1948.  It was sold in 1977 and sold to a private owner as 800464 "Stanley E G Hillman".  It was later sold to Friends of the 261 and restored as "Wisconsin".



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