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Don's Rail Photos

Chicago & North Western

Whitcomb Diesels

201, 30DM-37, was built in August 1941, #40122.  It was returned to Whitcomb in April 1942 and sold as Alcoa Co 1.  It was sold to Pacific Car & Foundry Co and resold as Southwest Forest Products Co 41.  It was sold as Yuma Valley RR 41

405, 44DE-18, was built in June 1943, #60213.  It was retired on December 30, 1960, and sold as Nebraska-Kansas RR 3.  It was damaged by fire in January 1967 and scrapped in September 1970.

1205, 80DE7, was built in August 1941, #60117.  It was retired in 1958 and disposition is not known.


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