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75, RF4-4-199, Class FD-43, was built in August 1948, #73119, as Central RR of Pennsylvania 75, Class FD-43.  It became CNJ 75, Class FD-43, and scrapped.

78, RF4-4-1500, Class FD-43, was built in September 1948, #73122, as CRP 78, Class FD-43.  It became CNJ 78, Class FD-43, and scrapped in 1965.

1072, DS4-4-1000, Class SD-34, was built in April 1950, #74774, as CRP 1072, Class SD-34.  It became CNJ 1072, Class SD-34.

1206, RS12, Class FPSD-32, was built in January 1953, #75446.  It was scrapped in September 1972.

2003, DRX6-4-2000, Class PD-30, was built in August 1948, #73750, as Wharton & Northern 2003, Class PD-30.  It became CNJ 2003, Class PD-30, in December 1952.  It was scrapped.

9234, DS4-4-1000, was built in November 1948, #73848, as Baltimore & Ohio 447, Class DS-12B.  It was renumbered 9234, Class SB-3, in 1957 and reclassified Class S-10 in 1964.  It was leased to CNJ on March Marched 20, 1968, and sold as CNJ 9234 on January 15, 1970.  It was sold for scrap to Lipsett Steel Products in February 1973.


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