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Two modern high speed trains were built by St. Louis Car in 1941, #1709. Construction began in July 1940, and 801-802 was the first completed in January 1941. 802-803 followed soon afterwards. Soon after arrival, the pilots were remodelled to bring them closer to the rail, and angle guards were added to the car sides to protect the underbody gear. During the next 22 years, the trains each rolled up 450 miles per day. A substitute train of standard cars with a diner was used when one of the trains was out of service. After abandonment in 1963, the trains were sold to Philadelphia Suburban Transportation to supplement their "bullet" cars. They were remodeled with extra doors and were called "Liberty Liners". They entered service in January 1964.  They became Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority.

801-802 was named "Valley Forge".  After PST, which had become SEPTA, retired it,  It went to the Illinois Railway Museum where it has been restored to the original glory.

803-804 was named "Independence Hall". It is at the Rockhill Trolley Museum in Pennsylvania where it remains in the Liberty Liner scheme.


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