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  Northern States Power Co.

NSPCo had power and transit lines in Minnesota, western Wisconsin, upper Michigan, and the Dakotas.

4, SW1, was built by Electro-Motive in June 1940, #1073, as Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9146.  It became Colorado & Southern 155 in June 1957 and transferred as Fort Worth & Denver 601 on April 28, 1959.  It became Burlington Northern 103, Class SW-1, in January 1972 and retired in December 1972.  It was sold as NSPX 4 and donated to the Gopher State Railway Museum.

20, locomotive was built by TCRT in July 1907, as Twin City Rapid Transit 20.  It was sold as NSPCo 20 in 1954 and given to Minnesota Transportation Museum in 1968.  It was dismantled for parts in 1970 since it was beyond economical restoration.

Chippewa Valley Electric Ry.

The Chippewa Valley line was taken over by Northern States in 1924.

251 was built by Osgood-Bradley Co in 1924 as Poughkeepsie & Wappingers Falls Street Ry 51.  It was sold as NSPCo 251 in 1925 and sold to Third Avenue Street Ry in 1934.  It was rebuilt and placed in Service on August 22, 1934, and sold for scrap on May 10, 1948.

252 was built by Osgood-Bradley Co in 1924 as P&WFSRy 52.  It was sold as NSPCo 252 in 1925 and sold to TARS in 1934.


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