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Don's Rail Photos

Upper Merion & Plymouth RR

11, SW1, was built by Electro-Motive in 1942 as Philadelphia Bethlehem & New England 11.  It was transferred as UM&P 11.

52, VO660u, was built by Baldwin in August 1942, #64243.  It was rebuilt by Electro-Motive in November 1957 as SW900.

54, S1, was built by Alco in August 1945, #73580.

61, S6, was built by Alco in June 1957, #82298.  It was sold to Naporano Iron & Metal Co in 1978 and resold as South Hopkins Coal Co 61 in 1982.

142, S2, was built by Alco in March 1944, #70198, as Western Maryland 142, Class DS-7.  It was sold as UM&P 142 on July 31, 1967.

1009, NW2, was built by Electro-Motive in September 1948, #6581, as Texas & Pacific 1009.  It was sold to Hyman-Michaels Co on November 15, 1971, and then as UM&P 1009 in February 1972.  It was then sold in 1985 as Wisconsin & Southern 1009 and later sold as Independent Locomotive Service 1009.  They sold it as Northwest Grain 1009.

3021, S2, was built by Alco in November 1948, #76200, as Delaware & Hudson 3021, Class DES-69.  It was sold to Manufacturers Equipment Co in February 1956 and resold as Alan Wood Steel Co 3021,  It was sold as UM&P 3021 and sold as Pennsylvania Power Co 3021 in 1972.


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