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024, rapid transit line car, was built by Kuhlman in 1914 as CRy 1217. It was sold to Cleveland Interurban Ry in 1920 as 1217. In the 1940s it was renumbered 17. In 1960 it was sold to CTS and rebuilt at line car 024.  It was last seen in storage.

0135 was built by McGuire-Cummings in 1922.

0136 was built by McGuire Mfg Co in 1912 as Milwaukee Electric Ry & Light Co B33.  It was sold to CTS as 0136 in 1951.

0140, a wrecker, was formerly numbered 196. It is now at the Ford Museum in Greenfield Village, MI.

0208 was built by Kuhlman in 1915 and was converted to work service shortly before it was retired in 1953.

0231, yard locomotive, was built by CRys in 1914 and scrapped in 1953.

0516 was built by Differential Steel Car in 1927 and was transferred to the Rapid Transit division.

0518 was built by Differential Steel Car in 1928 and was transferred to the Rapid Transit division.  It was sold to Northern Ohio Railway Museum in 1979.

0800 was built by American Car Co in August 1919, #1240, as Pennsylvania-Ohio Electric Co 375.  It was sold to CTS in 1934 and rebuilt as a rail grinder in 1934.  I was with a few Illinois Electric Railway Museum guys who went to Cleveland and bought the car with the idea of saving the truck to be used on Illinois Terminal 170.  We had a scrapper set up to remove the body but they forgot to quit.  We ended up with a few pieces for the truck.


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