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Dallas Railway & Terminal Co.

Stone & Webster Cars

136 was a training car created when another car body was placed on the original 135 trucks. It was retired in 1954.

159 thru 168 were built by Cincinnati Car in 1911, Order #1445.

169 thru 181 were built by St. Louis Car in 1912, Order #913.

182 thru 191 were built by St. Louis Car in 1913, Order #985. 186 was rescued from hay barn service in 1979 and cosmetically restored by Ed Landrum. In 1989 it was leased to the McKinney Avenue Transit Authority and placed on Australian Type B trucks for service on MATA.

308 thru 327 were built by American Car in 1914, #1018.

400 thru 413 were built by St. Louis Car in 1913, #1003.

414 thru 428 were built by American Car in 1914, #1019.

429 thru 448 were built in 1914, but the builder is not known at this time and is thought to be American Car.

This information is from a roster published by Texas ERA in 1969.


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