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1013, Class L-1A, was built as 2382, Class E-24, a 2-8-0. It was rebuilt in November 1923 as 1013, Class L-1A.

1033, Class L-1A, was built by Alco in 1903 as a 2-8-0 and rebuilt.

1065, Class L-1A, was built as 2231, Class E-24, a 2-8-0.

1073, Class L-1A.

614, Class L-2.  It was renumbered 1614.

672, Class L-2B, was built by Alco in 1906 as 2669, Class E-27.  It was rebuilt as 672, Class L-2B.

696, Class L-2B, was built by Alco-Richmond in January 1910, #46745, as 2720, Class E-27B.  It was rebuilt as 696, Class L-2B.

699, Class L-2B, was built by Alco in 1906 as 2599, Class E-27. It was rebuilt as 699, Class L-2B

778, Class L-4A, was built by Alco-Brooks in 1918, as Buffalo Rochester & Pittsburgh 526, Class F4.  It became B&O 778, Class L-4A, in 1932 and renumbered 1752 in 1956.  It was renumbered 896 in 1957,


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