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Alco S4 Diesel Switchers

1785, Class AS410-4, was built in October 1954, #79223, as Texas & New Orleans 98, Class DS-111.  In 1966 it was renumbered SP 1785, Class AS410-4.

1786, Class AS410-4, was built in October 1954, #79224, as T&NO 99, Class DS-111  In 1966 it was renumbered SP 1786, Class AS410-4, and sold to Precision National Corp in 1973.

1807, Class AS410-4, was built in December 1951, #79511, as 1479, Class DS-111. It was renumbered 1807, Class AS410-4, in 1966. It was retired in later 1974 and sold for scrap.

1845, Class AS410-6, was built in April 1955, #81318, as 1567, Class DS-119.  It was renumbered 1845, Class AS410-6, in 1966 and sold as Great Western Ry 1845.  It was scrapped in November 2007.


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