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101 was built by Detroit United Rys in 1923 as 7763.  It became Eastern Michigan Rys 7763 in 1923 and sold as Cleveland Inteurban Ry 101 in 1932.  It became SHRT 101 in 1944 and sold to Ohio Railway Museum in 1967.  It was restored as EMRy 7763 and has been rotting ever since.

024, rapid transit line car, was built by Kuhlman Car in 1914, #583, as Cleveland Rys 1217. It was sold to CIRy in 1920 as 1217. In 1944 it was renumbered 17. In 1960 it was sold to CTS and rebuilt as line car 024.  It was last seen in storage.

031 was built by Kuhlman Car in 1914, #583, as CRys 1231. In 1925 it was sold to CI as 1231 and was renumbered 31 in 1940. It was converted to one-man operation in 1949 with a new front door. In 1963 it was converted to line greaser 031.  It was acquired by Northern Ohio Ry Museum in 1996.

OX was built by Kuhlman Car Co in 1924, #823, as Michigan Rys 202.  It was sold as Northern Ohio Traction & Light Co 1078 in 1929 and sold to CI as X78 in 1932.  It was renamed OX in 1949 and acquired by Trolleyville in 1984.  It went to Lake Shore Electric Ry in 2006 and sold to NORM in 2009.


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