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Route 15

This line began in 1897 as HOLTON-RUSSELL from Holton and Chambers to Delaware and Pennsylvania. In 1898 it was rerouted on the North Side as OAKLAND-RUSSELL to Oakland and Newton. It was again rerouted in 1902 via Farwell and renamed OAKLAND-DELAWARE. In 1903 it was extended on Delaware to Oklahoma Ave. In 1919 the north end was rerouted to 35th & Fond du Lac and was renamed FOND DU LAC-DELAWARE. Later that year the OAKLAND-DELAWARE routing was restored by order of the Public Service Commission. In 1921 service was extended to Atwater Road (Capitol Drive). In 1923 it was extended to Kensington and in 1923 it was extended to Hampton Ave. One man service began in 1926. Minor rerouting on the south side took place in 1930. The north end was replaced by buses on June 21, 1953, and the south end on October 1, 1953. Trolley buses took over on November 15, 1953.

The Whitefish Bay-Fox Point branch began service in 1898 from Newton and Oakland to Day Avenue. In 1904 it was extended to River Road in Fox Point. For 4 days in September 1918 the line was abandoned by Federal order for the war effort. In 1925, Whitefish Bay wanted the tracks removed, and buses were substituted north of Hampton, but two months later, at the request of Fox Point, service was restored to Fox Point. In 1931, the line north of Silver Spring was abandoned.

Just south of Silver Spring, the line paralled the abandoned Chicago & North Western right-of-way.

There was a single track line crossing Lexington Ave, Whitefish Bay.

On Ardmore, there was single track on a residential street.

There was double track on Oakland just before it crossed Kensington.

Just past the north city limits between Milwaukee and Shorewood was the Oakland Car Station.

Kinnickinnic Ave crossed the Kinnickinnic River between the Milwaukee tracks to Stowell yard and the mainline of the Milwaukee.



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