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Waukesha Gravel Pit


Just a short distance east of the Waukesha East Limits was a large gravel pit which supplied materials for construction during the rebuilding efforts in the 1920s. It was also the site of the last substation before Waukesha. In later years it became the main scrapping location for TM. In the 1940s, cars destined for scrap with stripped of useable parts and half had motors and controls removed. These were paired with operable cars, and two car trains would be run late at night after regular Rapid Transit service ended. The following day they were rolled off the rails and burned. Then the scrappers cut up the remaining pieces and loaded them into gons which were interchanged with the C&NW at West Junction.

Jay Maeder had plans to set up his base of operations at the Gravel Pit when he organized Speedrail. This would allow him to save on the expenses incurred in the use of the Public Service Building. Time ran out and the Speedrail cars were stored for some months after service ended in the hope that operation could resume. But that never happened, and the Speedrail cars were scrapped at the gravel pit as had so many other cars in the past.


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