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Cold Spring Shops


The original shop facilities were at the Kinnickinnic Barn, but a first class system needed a first class shop. Ten acres of land were purchased in 1907 at 40th and Cold Spring Ave. Construction was completed in 1911. Shop floor space was 250,000 square feet. There were two groups of buildings connected by a transfer table. The administration building was at the north end between the two buildings. Tracks passing under the Highland Blvd. Bridge connected to the way and structures yard and an interchange with the Milwaukee Road. Here was where much of the work equipment was stored.

The final product of these wonderful shops was a sub contract for electric golf carts. How the mighty have fallen.

Access was on 38th Street to the Vliet Street car line.

The connection between the upper and lower yards was narrow and next to the Milwaukee Road.

There was a transfer table.


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