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The first part of the line was built as a steam dummy line by the Milwaukee and Wauwatosa Motor Ry in 1891. This extended from 35th and Wells to downtown Wauwatosa. In 1895, an electric railway was opened between Waukesha and Waukesha Beach by the Waukesha Beach Electric Ry. It was acquired by Milwaukee Light Heat and Traction in 1897. In 1898, MLH&T opened a line from 84th & Lapham to East Avenue and Broadway in Waukesha. Cars were 100 series city cars. Entrance into Milwaukee was via National Avenue. In 1899 they were rerouted via Wells Street. That same year, after a battle, cars reached downtown Waukesha and connected with the trackage to Waukesha Beach. In 1903, the 1000 series cars arrived to provide real interurban service. Construction west of the beach began in 1906. On June 3, 1907, service was begun to Oconomowoc using 3300 volt AC beyond Waukesha Beach. This also ushered in the first series of 1100 cars. Service to Watertown began on July 31, 1908. It was planned to build all the way to Madison, but this was never accomplished. Another line was planned from Watertown to Jefferson.

In 1909, the AC system was replaced with 1200 volt DC. There were several changes in routing in Milwaukee due to complaints of the residents along Wells Street and cars again used National Avenue and the 16th Street viaduct until 1917 when they were switched to 27th Street.

In 1924, parlor car service was inaugurated. The line was also converted to uniform 600 volt DC throughout. In 1928 and 1929, dining car service was instituted, but it ended in 1930.

0.0  All of the interurban lines began and ended at the Public Service Building.

17.5  The Waukesha express station was in the loop and taken over by Motor Transport which was originally an independent trucker.  It was taken over by TM in 1930 and was separated when TM separated from WEPCo.

Abandonment of the segment between Oconomowoc and Watertown took place on February 1, 1940. The line was then cut back to Waukesha West Limits on July 21, 1941. On December 31, 1945, the track from downtown Waukesha to West Limits was abandoned. In December 1946, the remaining line was sold to Kenosha Motor Coach Lines. On September 2, 1949, KMCL was purchased by the MRT&S. The service was upgraded with lightweight equipment, but, after several accidents, the line was abandoned on June 30, 1951.

18.9  West Limits had a loop just west of the entrance to Summit Avenue.

23.0  Waukesha Beach terminal was at the end of a wye and was the destination of many Milwaukeeans for a day of swimming and fun at the amusement park.

25.7  Buena Vista.

28.5  Delafield was half way from Waukesha to Oconomowoc'

30.0  Nemahbin Lake.

36.6  Oconomowoc had a small passenger station and freight house.

37.0  The wye on the west side of Oconomowoc was the end of the line for a year and a half.

44.0  Pipersville.

49.5  The Watertown entry was also used by local city cars.

50.0  Main Street was a boulevard.

50.1  Watertown had a large train shed.


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