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Don's Rail Photos

Norwegian Trams


Bergens Elektriske Sporvei

This line was opened in 1897 and was reorganized in 1917.  Tramway service ended in 1965 and the company closed in 1998.  A heritage tramway opened in 1993 and adopted the original name.

Bergens Sporvei

57 was built by Strommen in 1947.



1002 was built by Kvaerner Bruk, body, and completed at Holtet depot in 1956. 


3 was built by Maschinenbau-Actiengesellschaft Nurnberg, body, and Schuckert, electrical equipment, in 1897.  It was imported it to US by Arthur Seifert in 1970.  He kept the car in his yard for awhile and sold to George Hasselholt.  It operated for a short time on the Jay Street Connecting RR with a jumper.  It then went to Brooklyn Historic Railway Association when it began service on September 1, 1999.  It was acquired by The Trolley Museum of New York in 2006.

Oslo Sporveier

106, SL79, was built by Duewag in 1982.

140, SL79, was built by Asea Brown Boveri, Strommen, in 1989.

211, SM83, was built by Honefoss Karosserifabrikk A/S in 1958 as 248, Class SM53.  It was rebuilt as 271, SM83, in 1991 and renumbered 211 in 1994.

251, SM53, was built by Honefoss Karosserifabrikk A/S in 1958.


284, SM91, was built by Hagglunds & Soner in 1960, #6751, as Goteborgs Sparvagar 521, Class M25.  It was sold as OS 284, Class SM91, on August 15, 1992, and retired June 22, 2002.


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