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200, Class D-2,  was built by Baldwin in August 1889, #10209. It was later sold to Cinclaire Central Plantation and then as Willis Short Line 200 in 1955. It was scrapped in the late 1960s.

276, Class D-9 1/2, was built by Cooke in 1901 as Class D-9 and rebuilt in 1907.

285, Class D, was built by Cooke in 1901.  It was sold to United States Army on December 6, 1941, as Claiborne & Polk Ry 1.

316 was built by Cooke in 1901, #26142, and was sold to the Paris & Mt. Pleasant as 316. The T&P bought it back from the P&MP and installed it in Abilene, TX, as T&P 75. In May 1974, it was donated to the Texas State RR and was restored at TSR 201.

331, Class D-9, was built by Alco-Cooke in 1901.

332, Class D-9 1/2, was built by Alco-Cooke in 1901.

337, Class D-9, was built byAlco-Cooke in 1901.

416, Class D-11, was built by Baldwin in June 1912. 


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