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20, B3-3, Class M-1, was built by Alco-General Electric-Ingersoll Rand on May 25, 1926, #66681, 10024. It was later reclassified Class SA-3 and was scrapped in November 1958.

304, HH660, Class M-4, was built in October 1939, #69154.  It was reclassified Class SA-6A. In 1960 it became Erie Lackawanna 304, Class SA-6A, and it was scrapped in 1965.

307, S1, Class M-4A, was built in October 1946, #74962. It was reclassified SA-6B.  It became EL 307, Class SA-6, and sold as Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal 25 in November 1967.  It became New York Cross Harbor RR 25 in August 1983.  It has been displayed as New York Central 8625.

310, S1, Class M-4A, was built in January 1947, #75121. It was reclassified Class SA-6B and became EL 310, Class SA-6B, in 1960.

313, S1, Class SA-6B, was built in August 1947, #75354.  It became EL 313, Class SA-6, in 1960 and sold as Central Ohio Coal Co 81900.  it was sold to George R Silcott Co and resold as BEDT 26 in 1973.  It was scrapped in 1986.

520, S2, Class MSA-10, was built in June 1949, #76776.  It became EL 520, Class MSA-10, even though it was still lettered Erie in 1967. In April 1976, it became Consolidated Railroad Corp 9818, Class S-2.

527, S4, Class MSA-10, was built in January 1952, #79530.  It became EL 527, Class MSA-10, in 1960 and became Buffalo Creek RR 52,  It was assigned as Conrail 9667 but was retired instead.

530, S2, Class SA-10, was built in December 1947, #75550, as Delaware & Hudson 3012, Class DES-69.  It was sold as Erie RR 530, Class SA-10, in November 1955 and became EL  530, Class SA-10, in 1960.  It was sold as Railway Equipment Leasing Co 1017 in 1972 and leased as Little Rock Port Authority RR 1017 in 1972.

533, S2, Class SA-10, was built in December 1947, #75649, as D&H 3017, Class DES-69. In November 1955 it was sold to Erie RR as 533, Class SA-10. In 1960 it became EL 533, Class SA-10, and was sold to Naporano Iron & Metal for scrap in March 1972.



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