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Habco, Inc. was jointly owned by Donald Boatright and Donald Horne until 1976 and then owned principally by Donald Horne.  In 1986, Habco, after deciding to dissolve, sold all of its operating assets (except for the hazard contaminated Armour Road real property) to a new company named Habco-Loram, Inc., for approximately $2.6 million.   In 1988, apparently unable to meet its obligations, they agreed to convey all of the pledged assets to Donald Horne as part of a voluntary foreclosure and in satisfaction of its notes. Donald Horne then formed Habco International, Inc.  The company was taken over by DeAngelo Brothers, Inc, in October 1998.

6871, GP9u, was built by Electro-Motive in June 1954, #19568, as Chicago Milwaukee St Paul & Pacific 2405, Class 17.5E-RS. It was renumbered 216 in 1959 and rebuilt at West Milwaukee in September 1969 as 994, Class 20E-RS. In March 1983 it was sold to Mid American Car and then to Cadillac & Lake City as 994. It was returned to Mid American and rebuilt as HL 994.  It was renumbered 6871 and became Mid-Am Equipment Co JCLX 2100.

6891, GP7u, was built by Electro-Motive in December 1952, #14709, as Chicago Burlington & Quincy 245.  It became Burlington Northern 1601, Class GP-7, in 1970 and retired and sold to Erman-Howell in December 1983.  It was rebuilt by Mid America as HL 6891.


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