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2000, H20-44, was built in March 1947, #L1032. In October 1947 it became Union Pacific 1366, Class H20-44, and retired in November 1962. It was sold to Southwest Portland Cement Co as 66 in 1963 and renumbered 408 in 1969. It was retired in 1984 and donated to Southwest Railway Museum on May 15, 1984.  It was restored in 1998.

1000, H10-44, was built in March 1948, #10L45.  It was sold as Chicago Milwaukee St Paul & Pacific 1822, Class 10F-S, in September 1949 and renumbered 777 in 1959.  It was rebuilt as 12F-S in 1962 and retired in May 1980.  It was sold to Colt Industries for parts in June 1980.

4801, CPA24-5, was built in March 1950, #24L273. It was sold to New York New Haven & Hartford as 790, Class DER-4, in 1951 and scrapped in 1960.

TM-1, H24-66, was built in February 1954, #24L730. It was sold to Wabash RR as 550, Class D-24, in 1954 and rebuilt by Alco in 1964 at 598, Class D-23. In 1965 it became Norfolk & Western 3598 and was renumbered 162 in 1970. Later that same year it was traded in to Electro-Motive.

TM-2, H24-66, was built in February 1954, #24L731. It was sold to Wabash RR as 551, Class D-24, in 1954 and rebuilt by Alco in 1964 as 599, Class D-23. In 1965 it became Norfolk & Western 3599.

TM-4, H24-66, was built in November 1953, #24L733.  It was sold as Southern Pacific 4801 in December 1953 and renumbered 3021, Class FP624-1, in 1966.  It was used as test bed for brake sled programs.

76, H12-44, was built in August 1953, #12L776.  It was sold as Yankeetown Dock Corp 1 in May 1954 and sold as North Carolina Ports RR 1801 in March 1996.  It was sold as Red Springs & Northern 1801 in 2005.

807, H24-66, was built in March 1954, #24L807.  It was sold as Virginian Ry 50 in 1984 and became Norfolk & Western 150 in January 1960.  It was traded in to Electro-Motive in 1970.

FM acquired the Sheffield Velocipede Car Co shortly after the turn of the century and built a series of lightweight gas cars. The bodies were built by Brill and Kuhlman to streetcar design. Approximately 65 of the cars were sold, mostly to short lines and non-electrified interurbans. They were built between 1905 and 1916. In 1933 they tried again with a Chrysler automobile on a Dodge truck chassis. Only one was built and sold to the Escanaba & Lake Superior.


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