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Chicago Rock Island & Pacific



This page is arranged alphabetically by state for simplicity.


Bureau was the junction for the main line and the Peoria line.

LaSalle was on the main line.

In 1960 I was transferred to Peoria. By this time the clock tower was gone, but the station remained. The express office where I worked can be seen peeking around the left side of the station.

Peoria, Walnut Street Tower, was crossed by Toledo Peoria & Western.



Ross was on the main line between Des Moines and Omaha.

West Liberty was on the main line to Des Moines and the line from the Twin Cities.



Bucklin was a junction between the main line and a branch to Dodge.

Clay Center was on the Denver route and became the main office for Brandon RR.

The Leavenworth Depot and Railroad Company was organized in 1887 by the Missouri Pacific Railway Co.; the Union Pacific Railway Co.; the Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific Railway Co.; the Kansas Central Railway Co.; the Kansas City, Wyandotte, and Northwestern Railway Co.; and the Leavenworth, Topeka, and Southwestern Railway Co. to operate a joint depot facility in Leavenworth, Kansas. The depot company was active until approximately 1960. The company was only responsible for providing services and maintenance at the depot and divided costs and profits among member companies on a proportional basis.

When passenger travel slowed in 1963 the station was purchased by V.B. Greenamyre as the headquarters for his enterprises, and is now the Riverfront Community Center.

A major stop on the Golden State route was Topeka.



Anadarko had a pair of branch lines crossing.

In the middle of the state on the route to Texas was Chickasha.

West of McAlester, the Heywood station sign was still there in 1998.

McAlester was a Union Station with the Katy.

El Reno station is now the Canadian County Historic Museum.

Shawnee was the first station east of Oklahoma City.



Amarillo was the main station on the Golden State in the panhandle.

Irving on the line between Dallas and Fort Worth.  It is now on the Trinity Railway Express.

Jacksboro was a branch from Bridgeport and Graham.  It was acquired by Texas Export RR in 1973 but it was abandoned in 1976.  The station is now a historical site along with the bridge which had crossed the Lost Creek.


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